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Some products, including Web servers (WN and Boa) and embedded language Lua interpreter, are available for download from small file archive


OS-9 Samba File Manager is a software solution that enables OS-9/68k ( Microware ®) users to participate in Microsoft networks with file and print services. It provides OS-9 users the ability to mount shared directories or printers on all Microsoft Windows family computers or compatible systems (Linux Samba, OS/2) running TCP/IP.

Warning: This software doesn't work on Mac ( Apple ®) platform!

Samba File Manager gives OS-9 users simultaneous read and write access to files stored on remote computers without first requiring users to download or copy the files to a local drive. Using it, users can mount multiple shared directories and browse for available resources on given server.

As an unique feature Samba File Manager permits printing directly from OS-9 machine to any printer over the network.

Mounting is very similar to Network File System (NFS) mount, but uses a password to prevent unauthorized access to shared resources.


February 24, 2006

Released new edition #232 of OS-9 Samba File Manager. Changed default value for directory size (max files in a directory) to 200 (was 128). Also improved IBM OS/2 Warp server directory handling.

February 11, 2006

Discovered the incompatibility between standard OS-9 utility deldir and Samba File Manager. Sometimes the command fails with an error E_FNA at random directories. Because File Manager has to emulate OS-9 file descriptors, they are virtual and can vary from session to session. In this case deldir cannot determine right directory structure (because it is very dumb and internally uses, just forks, standard dir -ea utility). As a workaround, there is the analogous utility, named rm, which was found on os9archive with no copyrights, and modified by me. It works as on Samba networked filesystem, so and on OS-9 local filesystem with no errors.

January 3, 2005

Released new edition #231 of OS-9 Samba File Manager. Adds native support for message authentication which is achieved by SMB packet signing. This feature was first introduced in Microsoft Windows XP, and is required for connections to Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

July 15, 2004

Released new edition #229 of OS-9 Samba File Manager. Fixed the serious bug with Quick Reconnect when restoring more then one file for different processes.

October 20, 2003

Released new edition #228 of OS-9 Samba File Manager. This version includes the new experimental feature - Quick Reconnect. Now it's possible to make the fast and smart reconnect to the server without to lose all user's open files. For details see Technical notes.

July 31, 2003

Last few weeks there's been some kind of problem with the domain registrar for our domain www.os9samba.com. Now the site is up and running again. Sorry for possible inconvenience.

January 31, 2003

Released new edition #227 of OS-9 Samba File Manager. The username buffer size enlarged to 32 bytes (including trailing '\0').

January 18, 2003

Released new edition #226 of OS-9 Samba File Manager. Fixed serious bug with SPF code. Added new helper process starting mode - as a separate system process instead of an internal thread - to improve compatibility in some circumstances, which is controlled with smbmount option -A. Finally, now it is possible to change default initial transfer buffer size with new smbmount utility option -b.

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